We welcome like-minded partnerships to make our vision a reality. Our list of partners include:

Some of our Partners and Clients include:

  • Dr. Karambu Ringera:

International Peace Initiatives, Founder and President

What I found most inspiring in their approach to their empowerment programs was what Dennis calls ‘mindfulness.’ The idea of being present to whatever one chooses to do at anyone time through ‘quieting’ one’s mind through meditation or being silent. A quiet mind and still spirit enables one to connect with a deeper and higher way of Knowing answers, insights, ideas – name it – that one needs to guide their day and moment-to-moment BEing and actions.

Dennis is a natural and generous teacher. He is very giving and very open to new ideas. His dedication to the success of our NGL program has been a wonderful gift to all the youth who have participated in the programs and all of us who work with Dennis and his team at MTA. To work with Dennis is to experience what an accountable, authentic and values-driven leader looks like.

Nancy Nyawira

Businesswoman and Mother living in Nairobi Kenya

The training has really impacted positively in my life and the people around me. My friends and family members say that i have really changed and so they often ask me if at some point i have undergone a leadership course. People come to me for advice and counselling on leadership and self esteem issues and often, I draw my lessons from the one month training.

My favourite moment is seeing one of my friends, who at some point, felt purposeless about her life, transform from the advice i would give her daily till opened her own business.