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Before proceeding further, consider this:

We are simply being

I see you; I recognize that you are human. I appreciate that we exist together in this world. I tap into the power of the universe that connects us together to grow and learn from each other. We are simply being.

Growth is inevitable. But to which direction we grow is the question. recognize that we all have a chance to grow and recreate our lives to live authentically. Joining the growth mindset means viewing ourselves as ever evolving beings, growing and aligning in love, happiness, well being and abundance.

I intend to share some value and transformation to your life if only you will trust yourself enough share with me too

In my journey of growth, I can’t neglect the potential I see in others. Therefore, I feel my calling and responsibility is to recognise and guide the potential in myself and others. If you wish to explore your unlimited potential with me, I’m ready to journey with you.  


Let’s go back a little bit

You are probably wondering why I start by introducing myself… and perhaps you are wondering just how your statement may look like. I have never been like this for a long time.

Remembering my life 6-7 years ago, an ambitious young man bursting with a confident determination while hurting inside.

Fear and a desire not to miss out ruled my life.

I have always wanted to prove my background wrong, that yes, I can emerge and succeed by doing things differently… following my passion, creating a wealthy business and building a family filled with love and happiness.

I still do believe these things are possible! Achieving absolute Happiness, Abundance, Love, and Wellbeing!

At that time, still in college, I worked really HARD, sacrificed all I could to Stand out and prove others wrong! I did not know then that my working hard to stand out betrayed the very reason why I worked in the first place!

I would study hard, work harder and most often had no time to Play, Relax, Reflect or just have Fun. I became a Work-king! I compromised my values, I struggled to please others and most often looked out for people’s pat in the back.

My Hard Work Paid Off Anyway:

YES! With hard work, I stood out tremendously as the ambitious student in the class! My University and several agencies nominated me to represent the university abroad on several study visits! From Taiwan, to South Korea to Nigeria, I went; enjoying what people called then, “Globetrotting.”

I really liked the title and looked forward to my next travel. In a short span, I had traveled over 20 countries and still counting.

Funny enough, my fear did not go away, My Limiting Beliefs still stuck with me. And to add to it, my relationships began to sink too!

The game changer:

At some point in 2013, my dear friend, I actually call her sister, Toyin, from Nigeria, now pursuing her PhD in South Africa recommended a site called Peace Revolution, a meditation site. At that time, I did not have any time for activities such as Meditation, but my curiosity and their travel opportunities drove me to actually start the program.

Meeting Great Spiritual Mentors & Living an Ascetic Lifestyle

One of the things I learnt at this time was how to calm the mind, which was always shouting and screaming, and wishing and blaming and judging, to enter what I will call the silence of my being. In silence, quiet reflection, I have learnt to be more grounded, firm and happier than I ever thought I could.

Building my Coaching skills and Expertise:

With this new-found knowledge, and certification, I was able to coach several people on mindfulness technique including; Lecturers at The Copper Belt University of Zambia, Student Leaders at South Sudan Christian University, World Civic Leaders at Rustlers Valley in South Africa, The African Rising Conference in Arusha Tanzania, Students at The United States International University among others. I also got the chance to guide a Live Session on the Local Television Broadcasting Station (KBC) among other Media and institutions.

Mind Transform Africa

In all my activities and the journey to discover my purpose in life, I have grown to align myself with constant Learning and Self Realization. I have realized that everyone is actually striving for Growth, Love, Happiness, Abundance and Wellbeing… a higher potential and performance.

An amazing team of supporters

In our growth journey with Mind Transform Africa, I came across a group of highly curious, extremely talented and growth conscious beings that continue to support our project to transform your experience of Love and Happiness.

From Mercy Chepkoech, my amazing wife, Peter Ndungu, Mercy Juma, Sheila Koech among several others supporters who work behind the scene to make this experience worth the while!

What is your story of transformation? Sign up today to grow with us.


Love, Peace & Light

Dennis Odeny